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Buy a subscription to Win Sports with Bitcoin or another Cryptocurrency and enjoy the best live sports programming.

buy Win Sports subscription with Cryptocurrencies

Subscribe to the WIN SPORTS channel with Cryptocurrencies.

Access to the best sports programming

  • 1 Live event 29.900 (COP)
  • 1 Month of live and on-demand matches 32.900 (COP)
  • 6 Months of live and on-demand matches 190.900 (COP)
  • 12 Months live and matches on demand 355.900 (COP)

After paying and confirming the transaction you will receive an email with the code to activate the plan you have chosen (it may arrive in your spam folder). You can also find the pins in the My Account/Orders section by clicking on the corresponding order.

Subscription Frequently Asked Questions win sports

Win Sports codes for plans of more than one month expire after 30 days if not used.

If the code is for a one-time event it must be redeemed before the start of the program, otherwise it is lost and there is no refund.

  1. The duration of your Win Sports depends on the plan purchased.

These codes can be used in any country, however programming may vary according to your location.

See Win Sports terms and conditions here: https://winsports.zendesk.com/hc/es/articles/201227935

Cryptocurrency transactions take a few minutes to be confirmed on the Blockchain network. As soon as it is confirmed you will receive the code, usually within 10 minutes.

No. It is online only and you can use it for the App, tablet or computer.

How do I use it?

  1.  Log on to http://www.winsportsonline.com
  2.  Click on the plan area
  3.  Select the PPV Live you want to watch
  4.  In the Registration and Payment area, you can log in (if you are already registered) or register.
  5.  In the same view, but where it says I have a coupon you must enter the coupon you have been given, as it was indicated (including the dashes).
  6.  Once you have entered the coupon, scroll down and click the apply coupon button. If you have registered for the first time, the button will say register and apply coupon.
  7.  Once the coupon is successfully activated, you will be able to access the live event for the duration of the event.

Terms and Conditions

  1.  Redeemable only at Win Sports Colombia http://www.winsportsonline.com
  2.  The Code is sent by e-mail, in some cases it may take a few minutes.
  3.  Please note that once the code is billed and sent immediately, custody responsibility is assigned to the account owner. Bixxus from which the purchase was made, which is why the right of withdrawal contained in article 47 of Law 1480 of 2011 does not apply to the service due to the exceptions cited in numerals 1 and .
  4.  Please note that the e-mail with which the code is sent may enter the spam folder, so you should check this folder.

1 review for Subscription Win Sports

  1. Spanish

    Alejo Rodas

    Obtuve la membresia de 6 meses en Win Sport, me gustó que pagué con bitcoin

    • Spanish

      Anthony Delgado

      Gracias por usar nuestro servicio Alejo.

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