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Money transfers to Colombia

Send money to any Colombian bank in 5 minutes with a very low commission. No matter where you are in the world, the turnaround is immediate.

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Exchange BTC, USDT, ETH, LTC, BCH and DOGE for Colombian pesos in 5 minutes. Sell any token from Binace Pay with 0 commissions.

eGift cards

We have the best-selling virtual gift cards on the planet. Top 50 U.S. brands at a 15% discount. Instant delivery.

Netflix Codes

Buy Netflix codes from Colombia, Brazil, Turkey, and the United States. Pay from Binance and receive your codes instantly.

Prime video

Original activation codes for Prime Video. Subscribe to the second largest streaming platform without using a credit card.

Sports betting

Recharge your sports betting platform with crypto. BetPlay, RUSHBET, Rivalo, MegaApuesta, AquiJuego, etc.

Why Bixxus?

  • Our mission is that the crypto community can lead a cashless life, so we work every day to achieve new partnerships that allow you to make all your payments, transactions and purchases without leaving home and with the speed offered by cryptocurrencies.


  • Gift card purchases generate up to 10% Cashback (cash back to your wallet). Use it to buy anything or even better, withdraw it in cash to your bank account or App. 

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