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Everything a Bitcoiner needs

Bixxus Shop

Buy hundreds of products and services with Cryptocurrencies. Gift Card of the main brands, top-ups, pins, money orders, payment of bills and more.

Bixxus Exchange

Buy and sell bitcoin in Colombia in just minutes and without tedious paperwork. All banks, Nequi, Daviplata, Rappi Pay and more.

With Bixxus you can live without cash

Gift vouchers

Big surfaces

Digital vouchers of the main brands and stores. You pay with bitcoin and redeem at Éxito, Falabella, Jumbo, Alkosto and more.


Buy and sell BTC

You can make a quick sale in a minute without creating an account. Sign up and enjoy all the benefits. All banking entities.

Gift Card

Global platforms

Buy Gift Card with bitcoin from the main platforms in the world. Netflix, Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Spotify, Xbox and more.

Some of our products

Why Bixus?

Our mission is that the cryptographic community can lead a life without cash, that is why we work every day to achieve new alliances that allow you to make all your payments, transactions and purchases without leaving home and with the speed offered by cryptocurrencies.


  • Shop: all your purchases generate Cashback up to 10%. Use it to buy anything.
  • Exchange: Invite your friends and receive 1% of all their purchase and sale operations. Build a passive income with Bixxus.

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