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Connecting the crypto community with traditional businesses.

We work so that users can spend their cryptocurrencies in any digital commerce around the planet.

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How we were born

We started in 2019 with the idea of making it possible for the crypto community in Colombia to use their cryptocurrencies to shop at major retailers in the country and move their cryptocurrency balance to a bank account in minutes. After our success in Colombia, we are working to extend our model throughout the Americas and subsequently to the rest of the world.

What we generate

Customer Savings

When a crypto user can buy directly without first exchanging, it saves

More sales to companies

Our partner companies increase sales by reaching out to the cryptocurrency community.

Ease and speed

Customers save time when buying and paying directly with cryptocurrencies

Product accessibility

We help thousands of unbanked customers to shop online easily.

Our leaders


Belar Celis


Jesus contreras

Customer Service Manager


Carlos Castro

Operational Manager

They trust us

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