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Steam Colombia Gift Card


Purchase a Steam Colombia Gift Card in COP and recharge your Steam account.

Buy a Steam Colombia gift card with cryptocurrencies

En Bixxus you can buy the Steam Gift Cards with Bitcoin or the Cryptocurrency of your choice. With this card you can buy thousands of games by adding credits to your account in Steam. Add funds to your Steam Wallet or that of a friend or family member by sending them a digital gift card.

What are Steam Gift Cards for?

Steam gift cards are an easy way to add funds to your Steam Wallet or give the perfect gift to a family member or friend.
Wallet codes function as vouchers that can be redeemed on Steam to purchase games, software or any other available items.

Steam Colombia gift card values

Important notice: This card is in COP, if your account is in another currency, it will be automatically converted as long as it is redeemable in your region or you may not be able to use it. Please note that this product is non-refundable.

  • 5.000 COP
  • 10.000 COP
  • 20.000 COP
  • 50.000 COP

Frequently asked questions about Steam Colombia Gift Card envelopes

This card is in COP, if your account is in COP (Colombian peso) the card can be used from any country. If your Steam wallet is in another currency, we do not guarantee that it can be used. Exercise caution as this product is non-refundable.

You can buy all you need in the same order.

Virtual Gift Cards have the same value regardless of the amount, however all our products generate Cashback (money back that you can use on future purchases).

Cryptocurrency transactions take a few minutes to be confirmed on the Blockchain network. As soon as it is confirmed, you will receive the code, usually within 15 minutes.

How do I use it?

  1. Once the Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency transaction is confirmed you will find the code in your Bixxus account or email.
  2. Login to your Steam web or App account
  3. Click on your username
  4. Click on account details
  5. Click +
  6. Click on Checkout for a gift card or a code
  7. Redeem your Gift Card
  8. Enjoy your purchases on Steam!

Terms and Conditions

  1. This verification code allows you to recharge credit to your account of Steam.
  2. This card is in COP (Colombian peso) and cannot be redeemed if your Steam wallet is in another currency.
  3. The balance of this virtual Gift Card is not transferable and its total value is deducted at the time you redeem your code.
  4. The use of this Gift Card is subject to the Steam Terms and Conditions and there may be changes in the conditions that Bixxus does not control.
  5. By redeeming this gift card, you authorize the processing of your personal data in accordance with Law 1582 of 2012 and other regulatory provisions under the terms of the privacy notice available at https://store.steampowered.com/privacy_agreement/?snr=1_44_44_.
  6. The purchase of this Gift Card is non-refundable due to its nature.


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