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Nequi Recharge

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Reload your Nequi with Bitcoin (Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin) quickly.
Minimum ($) 50.000, Maximum ($) 3.000.000 (COP) Please read the terms below.

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comprar gift card con bitcoin
comprar gift card con Litecoin
comprar gift card con bitcoin cash
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Reload your Nequi with Cryptocurrencies

At BIXXUS we want to make your life easier. Here you can recharge Nequi with Bitcoin or another Cryptocurrency instantly, securely, without paperwork and without leaving home.

Do you have Bitcoin? You want to exchange it for cash, but the procedures are complicated, at Bixxus we make it possible.

If you want to make bitcoin transactions greater than 3.000.000 (Three million) you can do it in Bixxus Exchange.

watch this tutorial:

Frequently asked questions about Nequi recharges with Cryptocurrencies

We do not have a fixed exchange rate and it varies from minute to minute. To know the approximate amount of cryptocurrency for example, bitcoin that you should send for a certain amount of COP, you can make one or several test orders. It is important for you to know that our exchange rate is not based on the price of Bitcoin in dollars or the TRM. Please read the terms and conditions above.

  • You can recharge up to 3,000,000 COP in each operation.
  • Maximum 9,000,000 COP by day.
  • Maximum 12,000,000,000 COP by month.

Nequi recharges generate Cashback (money back) that you can use on future purchases or recharges.

Cryptocurrency transactions take a few minutes to be confirmed on the Blockchain network. As soon as it is confirmed you receive the recharge, usually about 10 minutes. 

No, Nequi recharges in Bixxus only work for Colombia. 

How do I use it?

You must have the Nequi application on your cell phone.
Write in the box your Nequi cell phone number.
Type in the box the value to recharge
Add to cart and make the payment
In a few minutes you have the recharge

Terms and Conditions

  1. By accepting the terms and conditions of the service you affirm that you obtained the funds in a completely legal manner and you are aware that Bixxus will deliver all the data of your purchase and account to the competent authority in case of any legal requirement.
  2. Important, if you are a recent user of Cryptocurrencies it is necessary that you know that this is not traded at the TRM (representative market rate USD). The dollar value shown in your Bitcoin wallet is only a comparative price, but does not represent the TRM value in Colombian pesos.
  3. Exchange rate: we reserve the right to establish at any time our exchange rate according to the conditions of our internal market. At the time of payment you as a user are free to choose whether it is convenient or not.
  4. Incomplete payments: when you accept the conditions and click on pay our system generates a QR code and a text description of the exact amount of Bitcoin or the Cryptocurrency you choose to pay. If you modify this amount and send a different value the system will calculate the amount received and will recharge for the equivalent according to our current exchange rate (not the TRM).
  5. In case you have reached the limits established by Nequi, you will receive the recharge, but the balance will be blocked until the next month. See Nequi’s terms and conditions.
  6. Minimum $ 50.000 (Fifty thousand COP) per transaction.
  7. Maximum $ 3.000.000 (Three million COP) per transaction.
  8. Maximum $ 9.000.000 (Nine million COP) per day.
  9. Deposit your Bitcoin or the Criyptocurrency and get the money in your Nequi account within minutes after the transaction is confirmed.
  10. Bixxus is not responsible and will not replenish funds in case you mistype your Nequi account mobile number. Please validate this information carefully.
  11. In accordance with anti-money laundering policy and international KYC standards we may request full identity verification in some cases.

13 reviews for Nequi Recharge

  1. Marcos

    La plata me llego rapidísimo, muy satisfecho con este servicio

  2. Tatis

    Wuaoo, increíble este servicio, hice todo en el celular y desde mi casa

  3. Paula

    Excelente servicio, por mi te dejaba 10 estrellas

  4. Juank

    Facilidad y seguridad, es todo lo que buscaba, felicitacionessssss

  5. Yenni Morán (verified owner)

    Una excelente aplicación, lo mejor de lo mejor, para los que no creen en Bitcoin, no saben de lo que se pierden….👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  6. Daniel Andrés González Hernández (verified owner)

    Excelente servicio, envía el dinero super rápido y sin complicaciones.

  7. Mayerly Sanchez (verified owner)

    Excelente servicio

  8. paul garcia (verified owner)

    Brutal,apenas se confirma en blockchain llega la recarga, muy conforme

  9. Juan David Perez Jimenez (verified owner)

    muy buen servicio, y ahora con Litecoin es mas economico el pago de las criptomonedas.
    Como usuario frecuente me gusto mucho lo del Litecoin, sigan asi.

    • Egan

      Gracias por tus comentarios, trabajamos para prestarle un mejor servicio.

  10. urielyela (verified owner)

    Funciona perfectamente y me parece excelente que hayan agregado BCH y LTC, todo sale mucho mas económico, y ni que decir de la agilidad en el proceso, recibí mi dinero super rápido.


  11. urielyela (verified owner)

    Segunda vez que utilizo su servicios y de verdad que los felicito, super eficientes. Cero complicaciones y el dinero me llego casi que de inmediato.

    Sigan así. +20 estrellas

  12. DarkShadoW18 (verified owner)

    me gustó mucho ya hice mi primer recarga a nequi y todo muy bien ,solo se demoró un poco pero es lo normal , y me gusta que hayan implementado litecoin y otros Crypto como forma de pago felicitaciones

    • Andres Admin

      Gracias DarkShadoW18 por tu comentario. Nos alegra que te guste el servicio.

  13. Vivip (verified owner)

    rápido y confiable

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Bixxus Shop FAQ

The only means of payment on Bixxus is Cryptocurrency and orders are processed as soon as transactions are confirmed. The time depends on the cryptocurrency and its network saturation.

Orders paid from your Bixxus wallet balance are processed instantly in most cases, except for services that require manual intervention.

Once the cryptocurrency shipment has a confirmation, the order will be processed. The information you receive in the mail once you place the order includes a link to the transaction on the Blockchain. If more than 20 minutes have passed and your order has not been processed, you can check this link and see if the transaction has already been confirmed or not. If you already have several confirmations and the order has not been processed, you need to contact us. This can happen when late payments are made.

Under normal conditions, orders are processed in an approximate time of:

  • Bitcoin: 20 minutes
  • Litecoin: 3 minutes
  • BitcoinCash 3 minutes
  • Dogecoin: 3 minutes

Before creating a help ticket case, please confirm in your wallet or Exchange that the transaction already has confirmations.

Read about what is a confirmation in cryptocurrencies…

Products and services have the same value regardless of quantity; however, all our products generate Cashback (money back that you can use on future purchases).

We do not have payment methods other than cryptocurrencies because we are passionate about this technology, our platform is focused on offering products and services to the crypto community.

The currently accepted cryptocurrencies are:

  • Bitcoin
  • BitcoinCash
  • litecoin
  • Dogecoin

The blockchain or network must be:

  • BTC, bitcoin network
  • DOGE, Dogecoin network
  • LTC, Litecoin network
  • BCH, Bitcoin Cash network

Any shipment of cryptocurrencies in a different network or blockchain entails the loss of funds

Learn more in our system documentation.

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