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Gift Card Rixty

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$ 39,900$ 113,000 | 0.00056017 - 0.00158646

Buy a Rixty universal card with Bitcoin or the cryptocurrency of your choice and use it in over 1000 multiplayer and downloadable games.

IMPORTANT. This product has an additional cost, therefore in Rixty you will receive a recharge lower than the value paid as indicated below.

Gift Card $30,000 (COP) + Additional Cost ($9.000). Total to be paid $39,000 (COP)
Gift Card $50,000 (COP) + Additional Cost ($14.000). Total to be paid $64,000 (COP)
Gift Card $90,000 (COP) + Costo Additional Cost ($23.000). Total to be paid $113,000 (COP)


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comprar gift card con bitcoin
comprar gift card con Litecoin
comprar gift card con bitcoin cash
comprar netflix con con dogecoin
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Buy a Gift Card with Cryptocurrencies and receive it in minutes.

Rixty is a universal prepaid card for more than 1,000 multiplayer and downloadable games, virtual worlds and mobile games. Spend Rixty on the most popular games from CrossFire, ArcheAge and Aeria Games, to World of Tanks, Warframe and Roblox, Rixty is the only card you need to pay for them all. You can even get downloadable games from major web stores. Rixty: a card valid for more than 1000 sources of online fun.


IMPORTANT: This product has an additional cost which is described below.

Rixty card balance in COP Additional cost Total
Rixty 30.000 (COP) 9.000 (COP) 39.000 (COP)
Rixty 50.000 (COP) 14.000 (COP) 64.000 (COP)
Rixty 90.000 (COP) 23.000 (COP) 113.000 (COP)

What is Rixty?

Rixty is an alternative payment system that allows users from any country to spend cash and coins for online games, virtual worlds and all kinds of digital content. It is now very easy to recharge your Rixty account with Cryptocurrencies by purchasing this Gift Card.

  • Content: Charge the balance of the code equivalent to the virtual currency in your game account.
  • Plataforma: PC, MAC, LINUX
  • Requirements: Broadband Internet connection, validate if Rixty appears as a payment option in the Game.
  • Expiration: At Bixxus we give you support for 30 days for digital cards, however Rixty codes have no expiration date.

Rixty Gift Card Frequently Asked Questions

They work in any country for games that accept this payment method.

You can buy all you need in the same order.

The Gift Card have the same value regardless of the amount, however all our products generate Cashback (return money that you can use in future purchases).

Once you pay your Rixty card with Bitcoin or the cryptocurrency of your choice, the transaction will take a few minutes to be confirmed on the Blockchain network. As soon as it is confirmed, you will receive the code, usually within 15 minutes.

How do I use it?

  • Minutes after paying find the verification code in your Bixxus account or email address.
  • Look for the payment method “Rixty” in your favorite game or online shopping site.
  • You must have a registered account in the game or on the page where you are going to make the purchase and a Rixty account. If you don’t have one, register on RIXTY.
  • On the Rixty page go to “Redeem code” and load your Rixty account with the funds from the card and you will be able to continue your purchase in the desired game once your Rixty account is loaded with funds.
  • Enjoy.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Important: this product has a surcharge added by the supplier. The recharge in rixty will be less than the amount paid as indicated below. Rixty Gift Card $30,000 + Additional Cost ($9,000) $39,000 (COP)
    Rixty Gift Card $50,000 + Additional Cost ($14,000) $64,000 (COP)
    Rixty gift card $90,000 + Additional Cost ($23,000) $113,000 (COP)
  2. At the time of purchase, your Code has a fixed value expressed in Colombian pesos.
  3. The Gift Card Rixty loads the balance of the pin equivalent to the virtual currency in your game account.
  4. The value associated with your Code is non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash.
  5. Since it is a digital product, there is no right of withdrawal.
  6. Protect this Code as if it were cash.
  7. You may be required to register and obtain a Rixty user account (“Rixty Account”) to use the associated value in your Code. To register for a Rixty account, please follow the registration instructions set out at Your registration, creation and use of a Rixty Account will be governed by additional terms available on the Website, which you must agree to before you can use your Account. You may review additional terms of the Agreement, prior to purchasing a Code, at
  8. Once the Rixty Gift Card is redeemed through the Website, your Code will be converted into Rixties. Rixties may only be used to purchase eligible products and services offered by Participating Sellers. An updated list of Participating Vendors is available on the Web Site.
  9. Bixxusand Rixty assume no responsibility or liability for the actions, content, products or services of Participating Sellers.
  10. The risk of loss and ownership of your verification code, and its associated value, passes to you upon purchase of the code.
  11. Neither Rixty nor Bixxus will be held responsible if it has been lost, stolen, destroyed or used without your permission.
  12. All rights are owned by Rixty which is the registered trademark of Rixty, Inc.

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    Gran servicio, habilité mis juegos pagando con bitcoin

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