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Gift Card Netflix Brasil

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$ 28,000$ 40,000 | 0.00039155 - 0.00055936

Buy a Gift Card Netflix Brasil with Cryptocurrencies,Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin o Bitcoin Cash. Valores 35 (BRL), 50 (BRL) y 70 (BRL).
Buy Gift Card Netflix Colombia click here.


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comprar gift card con Litecoin
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Buy a Gift Card Netflix Brasil with Cryptocurrencies

Here you can Buy Netflix Brasil with Cryptocurrencies in two minutes

After paying and confirming the transaction you will receive an email with the verification code (it can reach the spam tray). You can also find the gift card in the My Account/Orders section by clicking on the corresponding order.

Your Netflix Brazil Gift Card will arrive in your inbox within minutes. Buy a Gift Card Netflix Brasil with Cryptocurrencies, 35 (BRL), 50 (BRL) , 70 (BRL).


  • 35 (BRL)
  • 50 (BRL)
  • 70 (BRL)

How long do Netflix's Brasil Gift Card last?

The Gift Card prepaid Netflix are a way to add balance to your account and last according to the plan you have active.. See in the image the duration according to the chosen plan.

cuanto dura un pin de netflix Brasil

Difference between Netflix plans and Gift Cards.

Netflix prepaid cards are a way to add balance to your account and last according to the plan you choose when creating the account. The plan you choose determines the number of devices on which you can watch Netflix atthe same time.

Plans of Netflix Brasil

The plan you choose determines the number of devices on which you can watch Netflix from Brazil. at the same time .

With all plans, you can download the Netflix app on all your favorite devices and watch unlimited movies and TV shows.




mensual cost * (Real Brazilian)

21,90 R $

R $ 32,90

45,90 R $

Number of screens you can view at the same time




Number of phones or tablets that can have downloads from




Unlimited movies and TV shows

Watch it on your laptop, TV, phone or tablet

HD available

Ultra HD available

Why buy a Netflix Brasil Gift Card?

Are there any Brazilian TV shows or programs exclusive to Brazil that you have not been able to watch? The solution is to buy a Netflix Brasil Gift Card and start watching the movie listings and all the content Netflix has in Brazil.

Another important point is that the cost-time relationship of Netflix memberships is different for each country and Brasil is one of the countries where gift cards offer the greatest advantages. The first month free and more time according to the money invested are some of the advantages.

Why buy a Netflix Brasil Gift Card with Cryptocurrencies?

Whether you are an advanced user of cryptocurrencies or you are hearing this term for the first time today, buying Brasil Gift Card or any other product on the Internet with cryptocurrencies offers you enormous advantages such as the following:
  1. You do not use credit cards
  2. You do not submit your data anywhere
  3. Much cheaper than any other means of payment
  4. Instant payments

Whether you want to make a business or just enjoy yourself, it will be worth your while to learn how to buy cryptocurrencies on a site like Binance and pay for your Netflix Brazil gift cards from there.

Frequently asked questions about Paramount plus Gift Card

Netflix prepaid card are a way to add balance to your account and last according to the plan you choose when creating the account. See the duration of each pin in the image:

how long does a netflix Brasil Gfit Card last?

These pins are redeemable only at Netflix Brasil. ( however they can be used all over the world. If you are in a different country, you must use a VPN service with a Brasil IP when redeeming the Gift Card. To enjoy the service after redeeming the code, VPN is not necessary.

You can buy all you need in the same order.

The Brasil Gift Cards have the same value regardless of the quantity, however all our products generate Cashback (money back that you can use in future purchases).

Cryptocurrency transactions take a few minutes to be confirmed on the Blockchain network. As soon as this is confirmed, you receive the verification code, usually about 10 minutes.

How do I use it?

  1. Create your Netflix Brazil account and in the payment options choose “Gift Card” or go to
  2. Enter your verification code
  3. Start enjoying
    Important: If you are not in Brazil remember to activate a VPN service that generates a Brazilian IP address at the time of redemption.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Redeemable only at Netflix Brasil
  2. Netflix Gift Cards can only be redeemed on Netflix Brazil registered accounts.
  3. The Gift Card is sent via email almost immediately, in some cases it can take a few minutes.
  4. Keep in mind that once the Gift Card is billed and sent immediately, the responsibility for the custody of the pin is assigned to the owner of the account. Bixxus from which the purchase was made, which is why the right of withdrawal contained in article 47 of Law 1480 of 2011 does not apply to the service due to the exceptions cited in numerals 1 and 4.
  5. Keep in mind that the email through which the Gift Card is sent can enter the junk mail (spam) tray, so you should check this tray.
  6. Support for Netflix pins is maximum 30 days after purchase.
  7. Learn more about Netflix gift card terms and conditions here.

3 reviews for Gift Card Netflix Brasil

  1. belartest (verified owner)

    Cuanto demoran en llegar?

    • Lucho Herrera

      Gracias por preguntar. En cuanto se confirme la transacción recibes las Gift Card en tu correo electrónico. Suelen ser unos pocos minutos.

  2. Jose

    Que precio sale el pin de 50 en dólares

    • Lucho Herrera

      Gracias por tu pregunta Jose. Actualmente no tenemos pines en USD.

  3. Celio Yaima

    En Colombia funcionan los pines de Brasil?

    • Andres Admin

      Gracias por comentar Celio. Si funcionan en Colombia, pero debes usar una VPN con dirección ip de Brasil en el momento de redimir el código. La cuenta también debe ser creada en Netflix Brasil. Para ver no es necesario el uso de VPN.

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