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About us

In an era where everything is at our fingertips thanks to the mobile, Bixxus wants to show the world that it is possible to live without cash thanks to cryptocurrencies. Thousands of products and services for the Crypto community around the world.

We work every day so that you can buy and pay in as many companies as possible with one click using cryptocurrencies.


Buy all with cryptocurrencies

Digital products of the world’s leading brands, services, Gift Cards, money recharges to Aps and cell phones. Everything you can buy on the internet paying with bitcoin.

Easily convert

Buy and sell in Colombia, the main cryptocurrencies at the best market rate in just minutes.

This is our team

Committed to making Bixxus the largest cryptographic company in Latin America

Mario Celis


Jesús Contreras


Carlos Castro


Belar Celis


Bixxus S.A.S

Pioneers in crypto economy

Working to provide a fast and cost-effective technological solution to the crypto community to facilitate the exchange of cryptocurrency for cash, products and services through the largest crypto store in Latin America. 


We are a country brand


Cámara de comercio electrónico


Superintendencia de industria y comercio

Bixxus S.A.S. is a company registered and supervised in Colombia.

Nit: 901289036